Tipi Camping Holidays, Charente, France

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Tipi Camping Holidays, Charente, France


Authentic & Awesome Glamping!

UTLT ~ The Mindful Place to B & Be!™

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UTLT Featured on BBC Escape to the Continent   As featured on BBC's Escape to the Continent

Back To Nature! There’s no better way to reconnect with yourself and with the land than in this lovely space. Its womb-like interior is nurturing and reassuring, while the sense of exposure makes it an elemental and inspiring experience. Nature’s natural sounds will seem magnified when there’s no other sound around to drown and distort them, but then that’s all part of the camping thrill!

Inside Tipi - Camping at UTLT Bed and Breakfast Tipi Camping at UTLT Bed and Breakfast

The Tipi Lodge is suitable for 1 or 2 adults only, from June to September.



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Glamour Camping!

Stay in the Tipi Lodge but have breakfast in the house with all its mod-cons on offer, such as the forgotten luxuries of running water and electricity – salvation after a night of candle lights and close encounters! The Tipi Lodge is pitched close to the entrance to our woods, about 200 metres down the land. Please note therefore, that all wash basin, shower and toilet facilities are back up at the barn. Available from June to September inclusive.

The Tipi Lodge is a small cosy space big enough for 1 or 2 adults and usually rented out for 2 or 3 days. Camp-style bedding is provided and there are 2 fold-away camp chairs for your use. It has a wide base and low entrance with a high conical roof space, but once inside, most of your time is spent seated or lying down.

There may be the possibility of a low, small external camp fire but this is annually dependent on whether the Charente is experiencing drought or not, and whether permission needs to be given by the local Mayor.

To make the most of your Tipi experience, please bring a torch and/or head torches for use both inside and outside the Lodge.


Glamour Camping ~ Bring Your Own Tent!

Suitable space is available near the Barn and elsewhere at UTLT if you would prefer to camp using your own equipment. Please use the shared shower, wash & toilet facilities in the Barn. The kitchen is available for shared storage of food and drinks and there is also the possibility to self-cater if preferred. Please note that all catering and self-catering at UTLT is strictly vegetarian or vegan. A supplement of 5€ is applied daily for use of the gas cooker.


Tipi Accommodation, Cellefrouin, Charente
Tipi Camping, Cellefrouin, Charente
Teepee Accommodation, Cellefrouin, Charente

Traditional and Beautiful!

The cover and lining of this 14' Tipi were hand made with love and dedication by Jenny, while partner Dave cut and carved all the poles and pegs from their locally managed forest down in the French Pyrenees – how e-cool is that? Visit their website


Tipi or Teepee - that is the question!

There is apparently no structural difference between a tipi and a teepee - the words are interchangeable and apply to the same type of structure, which is usually conical in shape. A wigwam however, does usually imply a dwelling that is different from a tipi or teepee. It is more domed and rounded in shape and used as a more permanent structure. So now you know!


Inside Tipi - Camping at UTLT Bed and Breakfast Tipi Camping at UTLT Bed and Breakfast


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"First and importantly, what wonderful hosts.

Second, wonderful food.

Third, the exciting an experience to sleep in one.

Fourth, the land"


"Thank you Nikki & Sean for a truly wonderful week in magical surroundings. We have transcended into a re-awakening of the senses created by the bubble of natural goodness that is UTLT."

.....Sally & Richard

"This place is like fairyland and you two its wise, welcoming wardens! Such a memorable blessed experience!"



Under The Lime Tree truly is:

The Mindful Place to B & Be!™

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